Annual Dues, $200

Available for Hospitality Industry Professionals - 1 Member per Organization / Business - all others are considered Guests of Member Property. Price does not include cost of Lunch - those can be prepurchased during renewal month or paid individually per month during meeting registration.

Annual Dues plus PrePaid Luncheons, $200 + $180 

Covers cost of Annual Dues plus 1 Member's Lunch (9 Meetings) for the Calendar Year. This prepaid option is only available during our January renewal period. It allows companies the option to process 1 single payment for the entire year.  Must be purchased / renewed by January 31st of each year, otherwise cost of luncheons will be purchased during registration for each meeting. 

Where do you go from here?

Submit your Application online, Pay your Membership Dues during application process online or submit a check thru the mail, then head on over to our Meetings page and Register for our Next Monthly Luncheon. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your property.

If you prefer to print out a membership application document to present to your management, then that option is also available - Printable Application  and Membership Benefits Document.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!  Libby Webb, President HMCHA          (256) 756-7530