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Hospitality Association awards highest honors at Pineapple Dinner. 

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Hospitality Association awards highest honors at Pineapple Dinner.

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HMCHA Annual Pineapple Awards Dinner

Annually in January, the Huntsville Madison County Hospitality Association hosts the Pineapple Awards Dinner to celebrate the prior year's success and recognize those who have made a major contribution to our local Hospitality Industry. 

One of the other major highlights of the evening are the Pineapple and Red Ribbon Awards which are the highest honors to receive in our Hospitality Community.

Pineapple Award

Leaders across the Hospitality Industry are nominated by members of HMCHA for this prestigious award. The award is given to an individual that has been involved with a project that has had a major impact on the hospitality industry and/or has been involved in the improvement of an existing project or program that benefits tourism.

  • Has made special contributions to tourism or the hospitality industry.
  • Exhibits qualities of vision, perseverance and leadership.
  • Works or has worked to create an image that is appealing to tourists.
  • Exhibits exemplary support for local tourism.
  • Has sustained industry achievement.

Red Ribbon Awards

Members of our association are nominated by their fellow HMCHA collegues for the various Red Ribbon awards for their specific category. The award is given to individuals based on their professional contributions to our industry.

Five Receipients will be Awarded This Honor

One winner will be selected from each of the four membership categories of the Huntsville/Madison County Hospitality Association (Lodging / Conference Center, Food & Beverage, Tourism & Travel and Allied Services) and one winner will be selected for the Community Service Red Ribbon.

  • Individual must be currently working in the hospitality industry.
  • Has made outstanding contributions directly benefiting tourism.
  • Works to enhance Huntsville/Madison County's image.
  • Works to increase the economic impact of tourism in the community.
  • Is a role model.
  • Active in Huntsville and Madison County's tourism industry through support of professional associations and organizations.
  • Provides leadership and exhibits a willingness to help at all times.
  • Has developed new and/or improved existing projects and programs that benefit tourism.

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